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Treasure Trove: The Looting of the Third Reich

This book was written in 2000 after five years of research and compiling documentation of the acquisition of loot (War Booty) by U.S. GIs in the days and weeks following the end of the war in Europe. There are a number of interviews with soldiers who were present in the Obersalzberg, and references to a number of other sources describing the details of the actions of several of the key units, including the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne, and other supporting units.

The book features a significant number of the literally thousands of pieces of war booty captured and sent home by 1st Lieutenant D. C. Watts, of the 506th PIR, who spent a number of weeks in the area of the Obersalzberg, the Eagle's Nest, Hitler's Berghof, and surrounding area. While he was there, he spent a significant amount of his spare time treasure hunting. While many were interested in finding gold, famous art, and similar treasure NOT allowed to be kept as souvenirs, DC Watts collected items of relatively little interest to others. Items included silverware, uniform items, paper items, and documents.

In his search, he was able to locate a large number of original Adolf Hitler watercolors that was being collected by Hitler for eventual display in the museum he had planned to build in Vienna, Austria. A number of his very early works from the years he spent in Vienna and Munich are described in detail and pictured in color and black and white images in the book.

The book has hundreds of photographs, compiled from three-color photography done in a Los Angeles area studio. The photos were taken and selected to show the best and sharpest images. Of interest are several appendices that include representative Hallmarks, maker marks, monograms, devices and other identifying characteristics of many of the pieces taken to be photographed on location.

The layout was done by a noted graphic artist and published using a state of the art dual-side multi-page press.

This is a high-quality book, and will serve as a reference source for many years.

It is signed by the author Major Charles E. Snyder, Jr., (USAF Retired) who provided many of the pieces shown and described in the book.

It has 206 pages of narrative content, with an additional 32 pages of color photographs of some of the more unusual and interesting pieces.

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