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NEMA Model 45  

NEMA Model 45 Cipher Machine

This is a Swiss Tasten-Drücker-Maschine (T-D) cipher machine. It is the military model with the cipher rotors ("contact wheels") A, B, C, D, E, & F and stepping rotors ("notch rings") 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 & 22/1 ("red drive wheel"). All spares, cables, attachments are included and stored in the lid.

Included are the original 1948 classified SECRET (declassified 1998) service manual (bi-lingual written in German and French). A photocopy of the SECRET (declassified 1992) Cipher Procedures manual is also included (also bi-lingual German and French).

According to the article The Swiss NEMA Cipher Machine by Geoff Sullivan and Frode Weierund written for Cryptologia 23(4), October, 1999 which cites the Swiss Army Procurement Agency approved the machine in March 1945 and ordered 640 of them to be produced by Zellweger AD company of Uster (near Zurich) in April 1945. Serial numbers started at 100 and the last machines were numbered in the 740 range. This machine went into service in 1947 as the NEMA Model 45.

For those interested in the function of the machine, there is an outstanding NEMA simulator written by Geoff Sullivan that duplicates the operation of the machine on any Windows based computer. It is available for download at Frode Weierund's CERN page here.

The condition is excellent and near mint throughout, except as noted in the detailed descriptions below.


Thumbnail (Click to Enlarge) Description,Size, Condition

A view of the machine in the normal operation mode, with all covers closed, counter reset, and rotor engaged.

A view showing the rotor cover raised, showing the cipher wheels
A view of the machine's internals, with the front cover of the machine raised to expose the lamps, rotor cage, and battery compartment. Battery is not present nor included.
A view of the lid with the contents stowed, including the remote lamp board, power cables, spare lamps, two spare rotor covers (for the E and F rotors). There is a Bakelite lamp holder for a standard light bulb. There is a 1 inch piece broken on the Bakelite, however it is present and could be repaired easily.
This is the original GEHEIM (SECRET) service manual, numbered and stamped as declassified by the Swiss government in 1998. Shown are the two military rotor assemblies, the E & F contact wheels with the attached 17 & 18 notched rings. The contact side of the E rotor and the notch side of the F rotor is shown.
Same as above with the rotors turned to expose the opposite sides.
A view of the all-metal case, closed with two numbered matching keys numbered to the T-D 442 set. The sticker indicates the machine is to be used only in the event of mobilization for war and similar instructions in German.

It measures 13 inches wide, 14-1/2 inches deep and 5-3/4 inches high, as shown. The strap adds a bit the to the depth.

There is some slight wear to the paint, most noticeable on the rivets, from storage and light handling.

A view of the front showing the latch, lock, and leather carry strap.