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The items on this page are a sample of some of the more outstanding documents and signatures of Axis and Allied leaders and personalities of the World War I and World War II era.

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Signed Documents

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USA Civil War LINCOLN Assassination Event Document Lot

This very RARE lot consists of a Camp Howard D C March 14, 1881 addressed to George A Cassidy  Letter signed by Colonel Samuel McKeever 2nd Infantry who was in command of the Washington City Patrol on the night of the assassination. He was also in charge of Andrew Johnston's guard. He witnessed many stirring events during these unsettled times.

There is a two page single spaced  unsigned letter stating McKeever's activities during that time. The main part is a two page 8 x 12 inch letter in terrible condition addressed to George A Cassidy Sgt of the Guard in McKeever's Company during the Civil War.It states the activities of Sgt Cassidy during the LINCOLN Assassination event. Of special note is the doctor attending the fatally wounded Lincoln to get some hot water to be used in treating the President. Included in Cassidy's discharge certificate, his death notice certificate from the Veteran Employees Pittsburgh Division PRR, 12 RR passes. His CDV wearing his 44th GAR kepi, GAR Membership medal, his wife's VCI medal and 2 GAR gilt buttons.

 The reason the major item sent to Cassidy in 18811 is in such terrible condition is that Cassidy was very proud of his actions as Washington D C Sgt of the Guard in assisting his commander and the doctor attending Lincoln on his death bed.

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USA World War Two April 18, 1942 Jimmy DOOLITTLE TOKYO RAIDERS 32 of the 80 Crew Member signed Cards Lot.

This is the KEY to any World War 2 aviation collection.

 It features a HUGH framed 24 x 36 inch collection of THIRTY TWO 2-1/2 x 4 inch quill pen ink signed cards of various crew members of the FANTASTIC operation. Included is a 26 January 1981 signed letter from DOOLITTLE. It states Ross GREENING designed the bomb sight used on the raid. He further stated that General PATTON was the greatest leader of men in World War Two. 

PLUS a copy of the operations order from General TWINING to DOOLITTLE giving the D (departure) date etc.

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USA World War Two DOOLITTLE Raiders 50th Anniversary book with Raider Autographs AND Piece of the ribbon from the General's Grave Site

This is a 8-1/2 x 11 softbound illustrated 130 page book with raider signatures as shown. The 4 x 9 inch cemetery card with the red white & blue 2-1/2 x 9 inch ribbon is dated Oct 5, 1993. It states rribbon from Gen Doolittle's grave site Arlington Cemetery".

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Framed Document with Iron Cross Ribbon and Kriegsmarine Tally Awarded to Feuerwerksgereite  Wilhelm Walter, signed in Kiel Germany 12 November 1944



This is as shown. The Oak frame measures 11 x 14 inches with the document somewhat smaller. His picture is attached as well. Overall condition is near excellent.


Vienna Austria Peter Yahn Famous for Locating Hitler Artworks in Austria After 1933 For German Government Period
Signed and Dedicated to
Mr. Snyder 16 June 1987.