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German Daggers and Edged Weapons I

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Super Rare German Navy Kriegsmarine UBOAT Etched Onto the Dagger Blade
Early Pre-War German SA Gilt Fittings & Scabbard Presentation Dagger to An Old Comrade signed Adolf Hitler

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German Daggers and Edged Weapons

World War Two near mint Anodized Scabbard SA Dagger with Rare Maker 
 This cross guard SA dagger comes with an anodized scabbard.

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$999.99 Available
World War Two Luftwaffe 2nd Model Yellow Grip for Dagger Handle
next 3175- 3178 use 3175 & 3177-3178

This is a near excellent grip as shown.

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$169.99 Available
 World War Two NSKK
Early Squirrel in Circle Carl Eickhorn
 Makers Mark name ONLY GROUHD ROHM 
Dress Dagger

This is a near excellent dagger that has had excellent care over the years.

It features the Nuremberg distinct initials on the lower cross guard as shown.  

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$2499.99 Available
World War Two NSKK
Makers Mark name & most of inscription 
GROUHD ROHM  Dress Dagger

This is a near excellent dagger that has had excellent care over the years. 

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$1499.99 Available
First Model near MINT Aluminum fittings Pommel & Guard Marked
Knights Cross holder Kurt EBENER Dress Officer Dagger
This is a Eickhorn marked dagger in near MINT condiiton.

It belonged to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurt_Ebener
He was a fighter pilot on the Eastern Front & later during the Normandy invasion. He was shot down & injured & became a POW .Kurt Ebener was credited with 57 victories in 150 missions, 52 over the Eastern Front, including 14 Il-2 Sturmoviks and five over the Western Front.

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$1499.99 Available
NSKKRARE-1  German
World War Two
This is as shown.
The black painted scabbard is near excellent as is the blade.

The brown wooden grip shows wear.  

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$849.99 Available
World War Two Waffen SS Well Made all SKULL Silver Bracket
This is a bracelet of NINE with an overall measurement of 9 inches. It was found at the Berghof area by.

This enamel stick pin was found by a 506th PIR 101st Airborne Infantry Division officer named 1 Lt D C Watts. His story is told in a new book I wrote. The title is "Treasure Trove the Looting of the Third Reich" available from me on my site http://www.snyderstreasures.com/pages/trove.htm.

A COA will be issued upon request. 

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